Application Design & Development for Web / Mobile / Desktop

We don’t just design websites. We look at inputs and outputs – who are you targeting, what is the end result you wish to achieve. It isn’t only about putting a pretty design on the web – though design is equally important. We work with many technologies and can easily integrate what you already have with where you want to be. We speak your language – not technical jargon.

Ease of Use
:: Integrated Content Management System
:: You control the site and updates
:: Some clients like us to update the site for them
:: Support to help you when you need it
:: Connections to your online accounts for marketing and social media

Your Customers
:: Personalised experience for your visitors
:: Customer Accounts
:: Customer Logins
:: Information Exchange
:: Online Billing

:: Design for High Availability Clustering / Failover
:: Cross Browser Development
:: Cross Platform Development
:: Mobile development targeted for multiple device capabilities
:: Migration from other systems
:: Quality Assurance: Testing of applications from other developers and companies
:: High Performance Application Hosting
:: Application Performance Optimisation
:: Database Integration:
  :: DB2
  :: Oracle
  :: Microsoft SQL Server
  :: Microsoft Access
  :: IBM Lotus Domino
  :: PostgreSQL
  :: MySQL

We are a technology company but our work is not really about technology – it is about people first and foremost.

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IT Solutions

Some of our custom IT Solutions implemented for clients since 2005


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